staff photo

l-r:  Henryetta Vanaman, Program Manager;  Hope Coulter, Director;  Sarah Engeler-Young, Assistant Director;  Teri Schneider, Office and Building Manager

The Hendrix-Murphy Foundation director supervises the programming, with foundation staff managing day-to-day operations, including the tracking of Murphy Scholars’ program credits and Study-Travel Allowance Fund. A Director's Cabinet with faculty and student representation vets all proposals and makes recommendations to an a standing committee of the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Board. This Board of Directors, which includes the Hendrix President and Provost as well as Murphy family members, oversees all Murphy Scholars Program activities.

staff photo

l-r: Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Murphy Visiting Fellow in PoetryAndy Vaught, Murphy Visiting Fellow in Theatre Arts; Ruth Yuste-Alonso, Murphy Visiting Fellow in Spanish

The Murphy Visiting Fellows in Literature and Language are postdoctoral or post-MFA faculty members serving two- or three-year appointments in the departments of Theatre Arts, English, and Foreign Languages. These are dual positions: the Fellows teach in their home departments as well as assisting the Murphy Scholars Program through informal advising, mentoring, and community-building.