Marti Gobel

This year’s Murphy Visiting Theatre Director is actor, director, and teaching artist Marti Gobel. Gobel is an adjunct professor at Marquette University and earned her BA in Performance Theatre from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. She is behind the selection and direction of Chelsea Marcantel’s play Airness, a comedy about a novice air guitar competitor who enters assuming it will be a simple feat to win. As the competitor befriends a group of devoted air guitarists, she discovers the art form is more than pretend. 

Gobel lived on campus for six weeks, interacting with students in the context of the production as well as in classroom settings. This annual residency program exposes students to new perspectives and practices and gives them the opportunity to work with a wider diversity of directors across their time at Hendrix. 

To view Gobel’s Director’s Discussion on the dramatic and literary considerations behind the direction of Airness, click here.