l-r:  Henryetta Vanaman, Program Manager;  Hope Coulter, Director;  Sarah Engeler-Young, Assistant Director;  Teri Schneider, Office and Building Manager

The Hendrix-Murphy Foundation director supervises the programming, with foundation staff managing day-to-day operations, including the tracking of Murphy Scholars’ program credits and Study-Travel Allowance Fund. A Director's Cabinet with faculty and student representation vets all proposals and makes recommendations to an a standing committee of the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Board. This Board of Directors, which includes the Hendrix President and Provost as well as Murphy family members, oversees all Murphy Scholars Program activities.

l-r: Martin Shedd, Murphy Visiting Fellow in ClassicsErin Hoover, Murphy Visiting Fellow in PoetryAndy Vaught, Murphy Visiting Fellow in Theatre

The Murphy Visiting Fellows in Literature and Language are postdoctoral or post-MFA faculty members serving two- or three-year appointments in the departments of Theatre Arts, English, and Foreign Languages. These are dual positions: the Fellows teach in their home departments as well as assisting the Murphy Scholars Program through informal advising, mentoring, and community-building.