Internships and field work

in literature and language

Internships and professional field experiences in publishing or at literary organizations may earn academic and Odyssey credit. Hendrix-Murphy supports them in coordination with Hendrix's Internship Office.

Murphy Oxford American Internships. Hendrix-Murphy is proud to claim a standing internship at the Little Rock-based Oxford American, "a nonprofit, quarterly magazine dedicated to featuring the best in Southern writing." Foundation support provides a stipend for the Hendrix student selected to fill this prestigious position and covers their costs of transportation and, in summertime, housing. Interning at the OA offers hands-on experience in fact-checking, author communications, editing, writing, and submissions management, all under the supervision of an excellent editorial staff. For more information on how to apply for this internship, watch our news feed or contact the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation.

Field Work. Students often have opportunities to assist professors' research, translation, and editing projects--work that may take them to literary archives, libraries, or conferences and into the field. Watch for faculty notices and follow campus media for news of such openings.